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How to Choose Organic Skin Care – Find Out What They Should Contain

Organic and Cosmetic
What is the difference between organic and cosmetics? This is the question, the answer to which must be clearly understood before deciding on what organic skin care product will go best with your skin. A general explanation is cosmetic skin care products have ingredients that have a chemical source and organic products are those whose ingredients are basically extracted from different types of organic sources.

Organic sources
The organic sources can be varied, ranging between plant extracts like the fruit extracts and seed extracts and also other organic sources like specially treated soil (this is generally used for face packs), different types of grasses, and powdered crystals suspended in an amiable organic oil. Determining what organic skin care product is most beneficial to your skin also depends on other common factors like the type of skin and the aging factor.

Friendship with nature
Organic skincare products, being natural derivatives also have some other advantages over the man-made cosmetic products. Such products are oftentimes more suited to the organics of the skin. They also score over the cosmetics in being more eco friendly (thus less tasking on the skin) and in attributing a certain natural freshness to the skin that cannot be attained in the cosmetic realm. However, this does not mean that cosmetic is bad or anything, but it certainly means that organic skin care is more natural to the skin.

Organic skin care
In fact, there are some other aspects of organic skincare than just only applying the creams and lotions on your skin. It can be easily defined as a more wholesome approach to the wellness of the skin that also includes helping the skin from inside the body. Simply put, eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking a lot of clear water are also different aspects of organic skin care. Organic skin care products are essentially bioactive products.

Organic ingredients thus broadly aim at initiating a very natural relationship between nature and femininity. But again, are nature and femininity much different from each other? Without femininity would there ever be any beauty? The answer is obvious. There can be no beauty without femininity. Thus organic skin care products are simply a way of re-identifying oneself as a natural being; an integral and complete part of nature.

Different types of organic skin care
Aromatherapy, Gemstone aromatherapy, Cellulite supports, Natural anti-oxidation recipes are different types of organic ingredients. Like cosmetic skin care, organic products are also individual specific recipes and for finding the best organic skin care products you have to understand the organics of your skin first. That means you have to realize your skin as a natural canvas, and then paint your canvas with the colors that define your canvas the best.

In addition, since the preparation of a product with organic ingredients for the skin does not need extensive laboratory requirements, so most of the time they are available at a lesser cost than similar cosmetic skin care products.

All the Xtend-Life products have the common organic ingredient Phytessence Wakame, which is actually a rare Japanese Kelp extract. This key component of the skincare products work by inhibiting the action of the naturally occurring harmful enzyme Hyaluronidase that breaks down hyaluronic acid in the skin. The inhibition of hyaluronidase ensures that enough hyaluronic acid is present beneath the skin surface, and thus ensuring a much fresher and younger look to the overall skin.

Another product of special mention that contributes to the organic skincare is the Deep Active Cleansing Mask for both Men and Women. Along with other ingredients, this cleansing mask has got exclusive organic ingredients like the macadamia Oil, Shea Butter, and the very rare Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Another key organic component in the cleansing mask gel is allantoin, which is a natural compound extracted from specific herbs. The organic ingredient Avocado is a key component of the men’s and Women’s Deep Active Hydrating Mask.


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